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Charging battery of an electric car


Make the move to electric even smoother. Enlist Elite Renewables Ltd, the Tesla certified installers, to design and commission an EV charging unit at your home or business in London.

The power supply unit for charging of an electric car,Alternative energy for the future


Though the demand for electric vehicles is steadily increasing, as you likely know already, access to public charging stations continues to be an issue for many EV users. Choosing to invest in home or commercial charging ports offers drivers and fleet owners flexibility, convenience, and the power they need at a touch of a button, meaning that your vehicle is good-to-go whenever you need it, be it an emergency, or a routine trip to the shops. EV charging infrastructure can look different from property to property, and at Elite Renewables Limited, our job is to decipher which system is most appropriate for your current needs and any future plans.


We have two main types of charging points - Slow (Level 1) and Fast (Level 2), which we'll recommend based on the application purpose, and source from the industry’s most highly rated manufacturers. Leading the project with expertise, our Tesla certified installers will ensure that your EV charging point complies with all current and appropriate safety regulations for certification by the relevant authorities. Combine EV charging with green energy, such as solar PV, and you could power your vehicle or entire fleet for free – a smart financial decision for those looking to control costs for the long term. Car charger installation is just one of our many green solutions, so why not browse our portfolio?

Charging of an electric car


  • Plan proactively ahead of the government’s 2035 plans to ban the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles

  • EV charging infrastructure drives research and development in battery technology, charging systems, and smart grid integration, leading to innovations in the electric mobility sector

  • Charge overnight or during off-peak hours, ensuring the vehicle is ready to use when needed

  • Make things easier for your employees, customers or your household

  • Demonstrate your commitment to lowering carbon emissions and your green credentials

  • Mitigate unpredictable fuel costs

  • Public charging infrastructure will allow electric vehicle owners to extend their driving range and travel longer distances confidently

  • Many charging units offer smart charging features, allowing users to schedule charging times, monitor energy consumption, and integrate with smartphone apps

  • Reduce the time spent searching for charging ports in London

  • Utilise rapid charging technology, including our Level 3 DC fast chargers 

  • EV charging points can be integrated into the power grid, allowing better management of electricity demand and supply, optimising energy usage, and supporting renewable energy integration

  • Take advantage of the government's various initiatives, grants and incentives toward EV and charging 

Solar panels being installed
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