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Solar Batteries installed to store solar powered energy


You’ve made the switch to solar, now it’s time to see the system reach its full potential. Work with Elite Renewables Ltd to employ a power storage system that offers the assurance your London property needs.

Photovoltaic cells on a roof


Depending on your set-up, most solar energy systems are connected to the grid, ensuring you continue to have power should your panels fail to generate enough electricity to match your usage needs. Though there is the opportunity to sell any surplus power generated back to the grid, meaning you’ll still see discounted energy costs and be well on your way to greener living and commercial operations, reliance on external sources is still there. Battery storage could change this.


Solar batteries, carefully retrofitted or installed as part of a new system, can store your excess power to draw from on low production days or as your needs evolve. With this addition, you’ll not only utilise every kW generated by your system but work to make your property self-sufficient – a sustainable transformation to benefit our clients and the environment.

solar panels under cloudscape


As the UK’s power usage fluctuates, concerns around the grid’s stability and reliability can come into question, not to mention the heightened costs you may need to endure. A constant fixture within the news during recent years, energy bills are soaring, and taking control of your energy storage and output is one way to take back control. Incorporating battery storage into your solar set-up allows you to be energy independent, with a system that’s resilient to the ever-changing electricity needs of your home or business.


With the ability to store and release power as and when needed, our solar batteries can power most homes for extended periods of time, with the option to expand should the need arise. Work with our experienced team to design the perfect system to accommodate your needs whilst doing your bit for the planet, and rest assured that the solar battery installation process itself could hardly be easier. Contact the team and arrange your installation today.

Solar panels being installed
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