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Solar panels on roof


Modern technology for properties old and new. Work with Elite Renewables Ltd to learn more about this sustainable energy alternative and what solar PV could bring to the table.

Solar panel installation at Goodhart Way


Although they aren’t an unfamiliar sight on the roofs of older homes, solar panels have begun to rise in popularity over recent years - mainly due to their low running costs, immediate effectiveness, and the sustainable nature of their operation. Our job is to show you how these photovoltaic cell systems could work for your building, whatever its purpose, and manage the planning and installation to get there. This doesn’t need to simply be a job of our specialists arriving at your property and demonstrating in person, with our vast portfolio available to view online. Alternatively, you could visit our dynamic showroom facility - allowing clients to witness first-hand the operation of various renewable technologies, such as solar PV cells, rather than relying solely on brochures and second-hand information.

Focusing on our solar PV technology, the panels, often known as photovoltaics (PVs), are made from layers of semiconducting material, usually silicon. They absorb the sunlight’s energy to create an electrical field across the layers, leading to the flow of solar electricity that can power appliances and lighting. Contrary to popular belief, solar panel systems do not require direct sunlight to generate power, and though the kilowatts produced will be greater on those cloudless days, your solar PVs will continue to perform, providing for your solar water heating whatever the weather, making the investment more than worth it. For a holistic approach to your energy solution, contact Elite Renewables Ltd today or learn more about how solar battery storage could enhance your set-up even further.

Solar panels fitted to domestic roof


  • Given the government’s current climate pledges and the popularity of solar panels as a cheaper alternative for energy, this solution is now becoming more affordable

  • For our property owners, solar panels could increase the value of your property

  • Enjoy an uninterrupted supply of power even if the grid goes down

  • Versatile and suitable for properties of any age

  • Innovative technology from the nation’s trusted manufacturers

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