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Large field with piping ready for heat pump installation

Ground Source Heat Pumps For Modern Heat Provision


Reclaim control of running costs and meet your climate pledge with natural, low emission home heating systems designed by Elite Renewables Limited - with your requirements in mind. Uncover the benefits of a ground source heat pump with installation from our specialist team.

Side view of field with piping ready for pump installation

Heating Or Cooling Your Property From The Ground Up

Often also referred to as a ‘ground-to-water heat pump’, or simply a ‘heat pump’, a ground source heat pump (GSHP) can revolutionise the way in which you heat your home. Extracting heat energy from the ground outside,  and transferring this into the property, the simple yet effective home heating solution delivers heat at lower temperatures over much longer periods than a traditional boiler system. Particularly useful for underfloor heating, larger radiators, and to heat your hot water cylinder, the mechanism remarkably works both ways - offering an outlet for heat to escape during the warmer months, keeping your home or business comfortable all year round, and acting much like a traditional air conditioning system.

Proven versatility, reliability and emission-free operation makes heat pumps a popular choice for properties across London, and these units could be the perfect way to optimise your heating system while also mitigating safety concerns, fuel costs, and tackling carbon emissions. Though ground source heat pumps may prove more challenging to install than their air source heat pump alternative, they’re often more energy efficient, offering our clients a better return on their investment. Ultimately, your choice may come down to the property you own, and the limitations in place, so why not take a look at our portfolio and see how your home measures up?

Grass, low angle against blue sky

How Do Ground Source Heat Pumps Work?

In simple terms, ground source heat pumps from Elite Renewables Limited constitute a loop of pipework, which can be buried outside your property, continuously circulating a solution of water and antifreeze.The fluid absorbs heat from the earth which is sent through a heat exchanger to be distributed throughout your building. Once installed, the heat pump can be used all year round since the ground's subsurface temperature never changes.

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