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A Quick Guide to Domestic Solar Energy Solutions and Storage

Sunlight is essential to our modern lives, from providing us with vitamin D to keeping our crops healthy. Did you know, however, that solar power can be utilised as a form of renewable energy? Solar energy can be absorbed in two different ways, making it an easy and great option for any home. In this article from Elite Renewables Ltd, you can learn more about the methods of harnessing solar energy and how it can be later stored.

Obtaining Solar Energy

Solar photovoltaic panels, also known as solar PV panels, are the most recognisable solution for harnessing solar energy. These systems absorb the sunlight’s energy, converting it into a flow of solar electricity that can be used around the home. A common myth about solar panels is that they only work in direct sunlight, however, they can absorb sunlight even on cloudy days!


Solar thermal energy, on the other hand, offers a different way for solar energy to be absorbed. This method takes the heat from the sun to heat household water, storing it for later use. This solution offers a simple yet effective way to reduce your household’s carbon footprint and your water heating bill simultaneously.


Solar PV and solar thermal energy panels can be used alongside one another, optimising the amount of energy harnessed from the sun itself. A professional renewable energy business should be able to offer both solutions for installation on your property.

Solar Power Batteries

The energy sourced from the sun and converted through solar panels is unlikely to be required instantly, so storing any leftover energy is essential. Thankfully, technology has progressed to support the storage of leftover power, leading to the creation of solar batteries. A solar power battery can be used to store the remaining and unused energy, ready to be used on low production days or times when usage is higher.


Solar batteries are easy to store in a home, providing a useful yet unobtrusive solution to renewable energy storage. Many batteries are available in sleek and modern designs, which can be easily kept out of the way in a busy household.


If you are interested in solar panels for homes, it can be beneficial to know a bit more about what the installation process will look like. When selecting a business to provide your solar panel installation, it’s essential to opt for the experts. With professionals, the installation process should be smooth, taking less than a week for the process to be completed, including the implementation of a solar power battery.

Our Business

Based in Croydon, our team at Elite Renewables Ltd takes pride in helping homeowners around the country find greener energy solutions. Offering both solar PV solutions and solar thermal systems, we can help you find the option that works best for you and your family. Our experts can even take care of the installation of a solar battery, keeping your home powered year-round.


Please visit our website or get in touch with us directly for more information and further support.

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