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Air Source Heating: How It Works & Why It’s a Game-Changer

Updated: Apr 26

Gone are the days when we expected fireplaces to heat our entire homes. Home heating systems have changed immensely, with high-technology solutions allowing us to warm our property more easily than ever before. With more options, however, it can be more difficult to determine which system is right for your home.


In this article from Elite Renewables Ltd, you can learn about an example of an advanced home heating system known as an air source heat pump. Read on to find out its particular benefits, why you should consider installing one for your property, and how our team of experts can help you throughout.

Understanding Air Source Heat Pumps

Before having an air source heat pump installed, it can be beneficial to understand how the system will work in your home or workplace. Our experts at Elite Renewables explain how air source heat pumps began, and how our contemporary models work to effectively heat homes.

The History of Air Source Heat Pumps

Heat pumps have a relatively short history, beginning in the mid-19th century. Peter von Rittinger, an Austrian mineral processing specialist, is credited with the invention of the very first heat pump. The pump came to be as von Rittinger experimented with obtaining salt, recognising the principle of the heat pump. The pump was then used to dry salt in Austrian salt marshes, quickening the historically lengthy process.

How They Work

While they might seem complicated pieces of equipment, how air source heat pumps work is actually relatively simple. The system will absorb the heat from the outside air, changing the cold gas into hot liquid using refrigerant gas. This new hot liquid will then be passed through a convertor, providing heat to all the necessary systems.

Where They Might Be Used

There is no limit on where air source heat pumps might be used, from large venues to small cottages. Examples of installation include office buildings, where keeping staff happy and healthy is partially done by ensuring they have a warm workplace. Likewise, keeping our family members warm can be done through the use of heat pumps.

Why Consider Switching to Air Source Heating

Air source heating can reduce the amount you’re spending on warming your home, as well as provide a reduction in your home’s environmental impact. Read on to learn why you should consider switching to air source heat pumps.

Little Noise

The very first models of air source heat pumps were often loud pieces of equipment, emitting a lot of noise while getting the job done. Many property owners are put off by the idea, imagining all air source heat pumps to be the same. Luckily, modern air source heat pumps make very little noise, ensuring there is little disturbance to your home life.

Fewer Carbon Emissions

While we typically think of individuals and vehicles as having carbon footprints, your home will have one too. To try and reduce this carbon footprint, switching to air source heating is a great option. Compared to gas boilers, air source heat pumps can significantly reduce your home’s carbon footprint.

Reduced Energy Bills

As air source heat pumps are more efficient than gas boilers, your energy bills may be lowered with their installation. As living costs increase, this can be an excellent way to keep your energy costs down alongside a reduced environmental impact.

The Benefits of Air Source Heat Pump Installations

When deciding on a heat pump, it can be difficult to know which type is best. Luckily, this section will explain the particular benefits of air source heat pumps, and why you should consider them for your home or business.

Low Maintenance

Compared to other types of renewable energy technologies, air source heat pumps are relatively easy to care for. The most important thing to do when caring for these home heating systems is to ensure that they are regularly cleaned. As they are placed outside, it’s vitally important to routinely check your system for debris, such as leaves and sticks.

Different Temperature Outputs

Worried about how air source heat pumps will function in the summer months? Luckily, heat source pumps are great for transferring heat from inside the building outdoors too, providing residents with respite from the hotter weather.


Using inefficient systems can be an incredibly wasteful process, resulting in funds being spent on unused energy. Thankfully, air source heat pumps are reliable systems that offer a solution to this matter. These systems utilise electricity efficiently while effectively providing homes with heat.

Long Lasting

Tired of frequently replacing your home heating appliances? Air source heat pumps are long-lasting pieces of equipment thankfully, with a lifespan of around 15-20 years. Traditional boilers tend to last between 10-15 years, meaning an air-source heating system can outlast a boiler by up to 10 years.


Traditionally, our homes have been heated using different types of boilers. Gas and oil boilers both utilise non-renewable energy sources, which are expensive and have a significant impact on the world around us. On the other hand, air source heating systems use electricity, a renewable energy source that is much better for the environment.

The Installation

As the most important part of the entire process, air source heat pump installations have several components. To fully understand the process before it begins, read on to find out everything you need to know.

Surveying The Property

Before an installation can take place, it’s essential to ensure that the property can have an air source heat pump fitted. A professional should check the building thoroughly before selecting the best location for the pump to be installed.

Installation Timeframe

The timeframe for installation can vary, depending on several factors. Home styles and locations are wildly different, making the property surveying process essential. Once it has been determined that installation is okay to take place, installations typically take up to one week to be completed.

Hiring the Professionals

When having an air source heat source pump installed, it’s important to have this done by a professional. Due to the complexity of the internal systems, these examples of renewable energy technology need to be installed correctly to reap the same benefits.

Our Services

If you’re searching for a reliable business to provide your renewable energy technology and home heating systems, our team at Elite Renewables Ltd can help. Based in Croydon, our team are experts in providing systems for domestic and commercial purposes. In this section, you can find out everything you need to know about our services with ease.

Air Source Heat Pumps

For top-quality air source heat pumps, look no further than our range at Elite Renewables Ltd. We have a. View our gallery to see our work in action, helping you to understand why London’s community are selecting our services first and foremost.

Other Renewable Technology

If you’re looking for a different renewable energy solution, we have a range of products available here at Elite Renewables Ltd. Whether you’re after solar panel solutions or a way to charge your electric vehicle, we can support you completely.

Our Process

At Elite Renewables Ltd, we offer a thorough service when it comes to installing your new renewable energy technology. The process will begin with completing our form, which will help us identify which system is the most appropriate for your needs. Then, we will schedule a visit to your property, helping us to fully understand your requirements and expectations. Finally, we’ll confirm the cost of the project, following which our skilled technicians will get started on installing your new system.

Why Choose Us

Wondering what sets ahead from the rest? At Elite Renewables Ltd, we are dedicated to making sustainable energy accessible for all. We have been a leader in sustainable technology for over 20 years, utilising our expertise to help our customers get started with renewable energy.


To support our customers, we happily provide advice and support regarding eco-friendly home heating systems. To find out more about us, meet our team online now.

Get In Touch

To learn more about utilising eco-friendly energies and home heating sys, visit the Elite Renewables Limited website. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a quote or further support, get in touch with our friendly team today.

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