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How Do Elite Renewables Apply Passivhaus Principles?

Updated: Apr 11

When making adjustments and design decisions for your home, there are likely a number of factors you’ll have in mind prior to changing anything - be it a visual theme, particular sustainability goals or functional features. An all-encompassing set of self-imposed rules and regulations, Passivhaus principles (translated from German to literally mean ‘passive house’ in English) consider everything from ventilation and aesthetics to glazing, energy additions and overall shape. 

Let Elite Renewables take you through how we incorporate these modern principles into our architectural ideas.

Passivhaus Explained

Developed through research projects and backed by industry professionals and experts worldwide, Passivhaus is an international energy performance standard for buildings, desirable for many homeowners, and achievable with the right residential architecture planning and assistance. The overall intention of Passivhaus is to dramatically reduce the requirement for heating and cooling, while also creating improved indoor comfort levels as standard.

Modern Functionality

Functionality is an important consideration when discussing any Passivhaus design, with emphasis on the general everyday usability of a home, not hindered by the sustainable and practical adjustments which have been made. A home with integrated Passivhaus principles may benefit from high-quality insulation, high-performance glazing on windows and doors as well as heat recovery ventilation, none of which will affect everyday domestic life for those who live within.

Appealing Aesthetics

Just as appealing for the everyday homeowner, visual appeal and aesthetics are considered as far as Passivhaus is concerned. At Elite Renewables, we’re ARB registered, RIBA chartered and Passivhaus certified, therefore we’re well-placed to make any changes you may desire. By utilising detailed drawings, submissions, engineering designs and structural calculations, we can come up with renovation ideas and plans from scratch that are visually impressive and environmentally forgiving.

Proven Sustainability

No successful Passivhaus project would be possible without the sustainable design elements which make bespoke Elite Renewables projects such a success. Visible within each project from our dedicated portfolio, we strive to include environmentally conscious measures whenever possible - never settling for anything but the best in renewable solutions. This may include everything from air source heat pumps and solar panel installations to EV Charging and optimising comfort through ventilation.

At Elite Renewables we’re on a mission to make sustainable power accessible to all, with the design and integration of innovative solutions that empower our clients. We encourage those we work with to embrace the journey towards a greener future, challenging the traditional methods used to power the UK while promoting eco-friendly living! Contact us today for tailored advice and helpful guidance.

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