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The Benefits Of Installing A Home EV Charging Point

Updated: Jan 31

Amidst the climate emergency of the 21st century, we’re all looking towards new technologies to boost our chances of survival. Renewable energy projects, recycling initiatives, and clean air zones can all help us to imagine a more sustainable future for our planet as we move forward, where fossil fuels are gradually being replaced by greener alternatives.


Today, electric vehicles are at the forefront of sustainable technologies, where these cars will gradually replace existing diesel and petrol options. Electric cars require regular charging to keep them powered up, with public charging points positioned throughout major cities and at a select number of workplaces for employees.


Nowadays more and more people are also investing in charging stations for their homes, where this can bring with it a range of lucrative benefits - read on to find out more about the various advantages to be enjoyed when you fit a domestic EV point.

Home EV charging point

Manage Your Fuel Costs

One of the key advantages of installing your own charging station is that it allows you to take control of your fuel costs, rather than being subjected to fluctuating diesel prices or the expense of finding and using a public EV charging point. Electric vehicles are also more economical than traditional alternatives, saving you money per mile.

Convenient Charging

Having a charging point at home means that you can take advantage of off peak electricity prices, whilst enjoying the convenience of having a plug in point reserved just for you. This means you can charge your vehicle overnight so it is always ready to go, without the stress of waiting on an available public charging station.

Government Grants & Initiatives

There are various government grants and payment initiatives on offer if you’re looking to install an EV charging station on your property. These include subsidies for renters and flat owners, as well as for business owners installing EV charging stations in fleet car parks.

Boost Property Value

Installing an EV charging point for your home is also a great way to boost the value of your property. These devices represent a long term technological upgrade for your property that could attract prospective buyers or tenants, especially as electrical vehicles become the norm in decades to come.

Elite Renewables: Electric Vehicle Charging Points For Your Home

At Elite Renewables, we can provide you with a brand new EV charging point for your property, giving you access to round the clock power. We offer car charger installations for both domestic and commercial sites throughout London - get in touch with our team today on 020 8706 0056 to find out more.

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